PdM Initiative Services

Many industries experiences certain start up hiccups that to kick-start any new technology in place in view to get right benefits.

And baseline vibration measurement is indeed a good practice to make threshold to restore the machine condition to normal. The baseline measurement is ideally believed to be the best represents how the machine should vibrate and is the best criterion to determine the machine behaviours even if slight change in vibration levels. Though, there are ISO standards to set the alarm limits, it is well proven that if there is increase in vibration as high as twice of baseline measurements will witness significant problem in the machine.

Therefore, to put on improved condition monitoring strategy of plant machinery setting up baseline data is very vital to restore the machine to its original status.

RotoMatrix specialists will perform onsite study of assets, accordingly will prepare the machine database, criticality categorization based on machine production sensitivity, safety factors etc., route preparation, data collection schedule preparation, to record baseline readings and develop reporting methods. Subsequently, will provide training to their plant representatives to continue the system.

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