Rotor In-situ Balacing

Imbalance in rotating machinery causes excessive vibration leads to unacceptable noise, looseness, substantially reduced support bearing & structure life and, if left unchecked - inevitable catastrophic failure in service.

Balancing Service identifies the root cause of excessive machinery vibration so that problems can be addressed before your plant lets you down.

Using sophisticated Vibration Analysis technology to confirm imbalance (or identify other sources of root problems), our specialist Condition Monitoring Engineers will calculate the addition or subtraction of balance weights to the rotating machinery to reduce unbalance to within manufacturers’ guidelines ISO10816-3 and ISO1940/1 tolerances.

RotoMatrix Balancing Service can be used to increase the reliability of the following Machines

  • »   Fans
  • »  Pump Impellers
  • »   Paper Machinery rolls, print rolls
  • »   Parts of process plant machine
  • »   Centrifuge Drums
  • »   Flywheels
  • »   Machine-tool and general machinery parts
  • »   Electric Armatures

  • RotoMatrix balancing report provides a complete, detailed explanation of findings, measurements and corrective actions taken - with confirmation of machine compliance within operating tolerances.

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