Remote Diagnostic Centre

Many industries applies periodic/continuous monitoring and analysis of vibration data but are not able to achieve their realistic benefits due to shortage of skilled manpower or insufficient expertise which obviously leads to inadequate diagnostics of equipment problems, subsequently just near misses impending expensive failures.

Today’s technology given us the way that the internet based systems enables us to bring activities in to close proximity and aids us to review and analyse vibration data’s remotely in cost effective with high end expertise for both online and offline measurements.

Remote Diagnostics methods adds value to their respective assets, expert solution in less cost with 24x7 coverage access across anywhere in the world.

RDC Protocol

RotoMatrix engineer will do initial onsite plant survey of all rotating machineries and create machine database and routes as required. According to the machine criticality data collection frequency shall be established.

Plant person will be trained onsite on method of vibration data collection, method of data export electronically.

The collected data can be transferred electronically via e-mail or through internet hosted web server File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Data is being reviewed and analysed by experts and relevant reports shall be prepared.

Analysis Reports will be sent via e-mail within 24 hours of data received and reports also will be available through hosted web server secured with unique log on password. Also will provide assistance through telephone to get quick response on urgent cases.

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